20 Aug, 2018

Meet the Team – Blockchain/Smart Contract Developer, Arsalan Khan

In the first interview of the “Meet the Team” series, BEATRĪX's – Arsalan Khan – talks about his everyday job and his past experiences along with the future goals of the company.

Hi, Arsalan! Could you tell the community more about yourself?

Hello everyone, I'm Arsalan Khan. I'm 28 years old and a Blockchain/Smart Contract Developer here at BEATRĪX. Born and raised in Pakistan, as a kid I was always fascinated by machines and technology, which eventually became an essential part of my life. I pursued my studies in the field of logical sciences and graduated with a Bachelors of Electrical Engineering in 2012. I came to Germany in November 2014 to pursue my Master’s degree in Information Engineering and Computer Science. Along with these degrees, I have gained online certifications in the field of data science, blockchain and smart contracts. My experience ranges from working as an operations manager, web developer, data scientist and now as a Blockchain/Smart Contract developer. Two things I cannot live without are technology and football. Each and every opportunity that I have had in my previous jobs has assisted me in developing my knowledge and expertise, and I am very excited to bring all of the experience to BEATRĪX. And now you know more about me than my girlfriend.

How did you find out about BEATRĪX?

Being an electrical engineer myself as well as my combined interest in IT and social issues, BEATRĪX caught my attention right away. I was invited for an interview and a meeting with the CEO, Haitham Sabra, where he showed me the white paper. I was immediately drawn to it. I knew there was something different about it, something that I have never seen or heard before. A company that wants to bring blockchain technology, renewable energy and telecommunication to the people who need it most. This idea was very fascinating to me. The structure of the company, the procedure, and goals were very appealing. Since using technology as a means to provide people in need with energy is within my area of expertise and passion, so, when the opportunity presented itself to me, I had to come on board!

What are your expectations towards BEATRĪX?

I expect BEATRĪX to be a company that sets high standards and goals for others. I want BEATRĪX to be the leader of technology and social change in the world. And as it is already working towards it, I hope to be a part of BEATRĪX to reach its goal of co-creating the future.

Can you tell us in a few words, what makes BEATRĪX different from other companies?

BEATRĪX is a highly modern corporation. With its new revolutionary technology and its widespread network and cooperating companies, it is bound to change the future.  No other company has a network like BEATRĪX, which is why I think it will lead others by example. We have extraordinary support and skills at BEATRĪX and it is truly one of its kind.

How did your background prepare you for the position as Blockchain/Smart Contract developer?

My education and work experience have extensively prepared me for my position at BEATRĪX. I started my professional career as an Assistant Manager Operations because of my background as an Electrical Engineer. Due to my passion in IT and programming, I found myself working for a multi-national IT firm as a Data Scientist for two years before moving to Germany, where I joined Cove GmbH & Co. KG as a Web Developer.
I love to challenge myself and learn new skills every day. That is how I learned about smart contract and blockchain technology in general. Blockchain technology, with its fast, efficient and secure transactions that cannot be removed, altered or reversed, is projected to transform businesses. What the internet did for communications, blockchain will do for trusted transactions via smart contracts, and the energy and utilities industry is no exception. Its protocol establishes the rules in the form of globally distributed computations and heavy-duty encryption, ensuring the integrity of the data traded among billions of devices without going through a trusted third party. Trust is hard-coded into the platform - blockchains act as a ledger of accounts, a database, a notary, a sentry and clearing house, all by consensus.

Where do you see BEATRĪX in the future?

I see BEATRĪX as a market leader that will change the whole business of technology and the way it is used. BEATRĪX, with its new buoyancy based technology that will efficiently produce green energy with make the conventional modes of energy generation obsolete. For me, BEATRĪX is not just an employer but a collective effort built on passion and a drive for social change, and that makes us and our company special. I genuinely believe BEATRĪX will co-create the future and after being the market leader in Africa, we will carry out further projects in other continents, bringing social change along the way.

Hopefully, you learned some new things about Mr Khan. Our “Meet the Team” series returns next week!

Let’s work together in BEATRĪX's journey for a green and sustainable future.

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